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Changes to the class of units or changes to a holding of units are a common occurrence within a trust.

Any changes to unit holdings must be recorded in the trust register (the record book) and can be the result of the trust issuing more units, an acquisition of units by a new or existing unit holder or an existing unit holder selling units.

The trust register must detail information about the units including:

  • the date of every allotment (or issue)of units,
  • the number of units in each allotment,
  • the class (or classes) of units,
  • the unit numbers (if any), or unit certificate numbers (if any) of the units; and
  • the amount paid on the units.

We can handle the change of trustee in most circumstances*

If we can’t complete the work, our legal advisors will be to provide you with a quote to complete the work.

*provisions within trust deeds vary and we cannot guarantee that we will handle poorly drafted or highly technical changes in-house.

An additional fee of $120 will be charged if Shelcom did not originally set up the trust.