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Change a Company Name

There are situations throughout the life of a business that lead a company to change its name:

  • The business may be sold to new owners;
  • The business becomes insolvent;
  • There is need for new branding and marketing; or
  • The business will undergo internal restructuring.

The process of changing a company name is generally simple, yet you need to be confident that the change will be long lasting as you will incur ASIC fees for making the change.

How to Change a Company Name:

  • Check that the new company name is available and not too similar to any other existing company names as ASIC will reject your application if this is the case.
  • A resolution needs to be passed by the directors recommending to the shareholders (members) to change the company name.
  • More than 75% of the members must vote to accept and consent that the company name be changed. Acceptance of the change is recorded when the members sign the resolution set out by the directors.
  • A change of name form can be lodged with ASIC. Should the form be lodged 14 days after the resolution is signed by the members, late penalties may apply.
  • Upon acceptance of the name change, ASIC will provide you with a certificate confirming the new company name details (the Australian Company Number will not change).
  • You must notify all parties that the company now conducts business under the new name.
  • Update any registers, documents, financial information and general business tools accordingly.

We can complete the above process and prepare all the necessary paperwork for you. When you instruct us with the new company name, we will email you some documentation to sign and return to our office so that we can lodge the change with ASIC.

Upon the change being approved by ASIC, we will forward you a new certificate of registration stating the new name of the company.

Some names can take a little longer to change due to ASIC workloads and/or any associates business names.

*ASIC will send their invoice to the registered office address

Please contact our office on 1300 722 796 for information on how to complete this type of change.