ASIC Company Compliance

After surveying hundreds of accounting firms it was determined that most accounting practices wasted hours of valuable administration time completing ASIC’s Annual Review and company compliance obligations.

All that ASIC requires of it’s directors to complete their Annual Review is:

  1. Check and update their details;
  2. Pay the Annual Review fee; and
  3. Pass a Solvency Resolution.

On the surface, the requirements are relatively straight forward with the majority of firms completing almost the identical tasks in a variety of ways which are highly resource intensive, perceived as low value work and completely mundane.

Does your current ASIC Annual Review process look something like this?

Download ASIC Statement and Invoice

Prepare a Solvency Statement

Create your Invoice

Create your Email/Letter

Send the Document Package

Follow Up Client

Follow Up ASIC

This is a slow, cumbersome, frustrating and costly process which takes many accounting firms almost an hour to complete!

We understand that accountants are limited on time so we built and developed a platform in house to complete the ASIC Annual Review in less than one (1) minute!

Imagine how much more time you’ll have to spend on higher valued tasks?

We Guarantee

Saved Hours Of Admin

You Get Paid Faster

A Better Client Experience

Improved Compliance

The best part about our new platform is that anyone within your organisation can complete an Annual Review! All you need to do is enter a few fields and the system takes care of the rest.

Automated and branded notifications are sent until all compliance obligations have been completed. This includes payment of your invoice too!


Using technology to leverage your time is the only way to maximise the value you can deliver to your clients. Increase your capacity to open up a world of endless opportunity.


Your clients get up to 9 automated and branded reminders (Email and SMS) from you so there are no more excuses for paying ASIC late fees. The computers do the work for you!


We collect your Annual Review service fees from your clients so you can focus on more valuable tasks. Not charging for your services? Maybe you should be!


Give your clients the ability to complete their Annual Review obligations via your own branded online portal. It’s easy and can be completed in minutes on any device.


We download all of your client’s company data every night while you’re sleeping. Including debt reports and other ASIC correspondence.

Don’t waste any more time with government websites or clunky software!

Trial the latest corporate compliance platform on the market.